Hello! We were saddened to hear about the Patriot Days Parade being cancelled due to Covid-19. In lieu of an actual parade, we are going to create a “Virtual Parade” that will feature the following:
• Small Toy cars shot on a green screen travelling down Sackville Drive (Virtually)
• Videos of people in the community in our fake car in front of a green screen
• Audio commentary introducing each of the participants as they appear in the video

All videos will be shot at Sportwheels Warehouse located at 78 First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville. This business is located behind the Sobeys on First Lake Drive. If you are facing the Sobeys building, you can drive around the RIGHT side of the building to the back. You will see a white brick wall with the Sportwheels logo on it.


This is a simple prop consisting of a car door shot against a green screen. You and your second person will simply sit as if you are inside a car and I will shoot the video. Later the video will be edited as if you were driving in the parade.

I will be on site to shoot video inside the building. Instructions on entry are below. The dates and times that you can drop over are as follows:

TUESDAY JUNE 16th from 6PM to 8PM
WEDNESDAY JUNE 17th from 1PM to 4PM
SATURDAY JUNE 20th from 9AM to 12PM
SUNDAY JUNE 21st from 9AM to 12PM
MONDAY JUNE 22nd from 6PM to 8PM

In order to properly follow social distancing protocols, when you arrive to the location please wait in your car and text me at (902) 221-5484. We do not want to have large groups gathering together. Once I receive your text, I will add you to the list and I will call people inside, one group at a time. Due to the nature of this video, each group will be permitted to send a maximum of TWO people to appear in the parade. Car set will be wiped clean after each use.

The one or two people chosen to represent the organization will enter and be directed to sit in the chairs provided. You will be asked your name(s) and the organization which you represent as you would like it to appear in the audio commentary of the parade which will be recorded later and added into the final cut of the video.

While sitting the in the chair you simply look out the car door window and wave to the camera, with direction to follow my eyeline for approximately 10 seconds. I will call “CUT” at that time and you are finished. The entire process from sitting to completion should be approximately one to two minutes. At that time, you are free to go and the next person will be prepped.

If you have questions, the prefered method of contact is text at (902) 221-5484. This will take a fair bit of filming and editing time and I am unable to move the prop to any other location.

I have photos and videos of my group in previous parades, may I send them?
We appreciate the offer, but only need the footage from the virtual parade in order to make this work. Thank-you.

Our group has 80 members and we are having trouble picking two. May we have our members attend in groups of two several times?
Organizations will need to be limited to two members maximum, in keeping with the orders of public health.

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